Creating Topics For A Criminal Justice Research Paper

Writing a research paper in the area of criminal justice is a challenging academic task. You need to conduct in-depth research, take accurate and detailed notes, craft an outline, and write several drafts. All of these tasks take time to do. And if you don’t have a good topic idea to focus, you will have a tough time getting any of these tasks done effectively or efficiently. In this guide, we present simple strategies for developing topic ideas on criminal justice issues and we provide a sample list of ideas to try out on your next assignment.

How to Develop Unique Topics for a Criminal Justice Assignment

There are several brainstorming and mind-mapping strategies to try out when trying to develop unique and interesting criminal justice thesis ideas for topics. Here are 10 of our favorite ones we’re certain can improve your procedure for developing ideas:

  • Make a list of hot issues and conversations from the web.
  • Conduct a preliminary review of the available literature.
  • Look over your class discussion notes and reading assignments.
  • Take a side and bounce ideas off of a friend or classmate.
  • Read the most current academic journals in the field of study.
  • Meet with your teacher and professor for potential ideas.
  • Consider the kind of contribution you will make to the field.
  • Make a list of questions you would like to get answers to.
  • Get inspired by past cases or events in criminal justice.
  • Take your ideas from local newspaper headlines and stories.

Undergraduate Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Why is the use of eye witness reports and testimonies still important in criminal cases?
  2. Should DNA collection and analysis processes be regulated by federal or state entities?
  3. What rights should students have regarding violence committed on college campuses?
  4. How are police rights in regard to self-defense shootings affected by media coverage?
  5. Should college students face punishments if using legal marijuana on college campuses?

Graduate Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Should African American citizens on trial be given special privileges as a result of being victims of discriminatory legal treatment?
  2. If reparations are made to African American citizens who are descendants of slavery, how can this be made without any corruption?
  3. Why people on trial for high-finance, white-collar crimes should face more lenient penalties than people who commit lesser crimes?
  4. What are the social and economic positives and negatives of imposing long jail or prison sentences for non-violent convicts?
  5. In what ways does racial prejudice by prison guards on prisoners affect the way sentences are made in the justice system?

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